Free Game Today: What They Don't Tell You

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Free Game Today: What They Don't Tell You

by: Damian Simmons (Author), Nabin Karna (Illustrator), Marni MacRae (Editor), Tony Santiago (Foreword), Kimberly Steele (Narrator)

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Free Game Today

Damian Simmons - the independent artist, rapper, recording engineer, song writer, producer and now author - shares his outlook on life, relationships, and more.

In his new book, Damian Simmons reveals his unique thought process, controversial style, and genuine unfiltered delivery on how to navigate the societal pressures of life and think around the people influenced by society and the many different media. Starting with his deep reflection on having your own moral compass to guide you through the many rooms that you may encounter on your journey in life, he shares how important character is and the effects of making a good lasting impression on people while climbing your way up to the top. Combining his own insight from his story and other stories gathered from his travels, Damian Simmons hopes this book will help others raise their awareness to the truths of people, the world, and guide them through this game not designed by us called life.

About the Author

Damian Simmons is an independent artist and owner of his own entertainment company 9th Wave Entertainment, a subsidiary company of 9th Wave LLC. Born in Atlanta, Georgia and raised in North Carolina, Damian Simmons is quietly changing the narrative of what it means to be introverted. Being introverted is not being shy or scared to interact with people. Being introverted is protecting your own energy from people, removing yourself from the propaganda of mass media, taking a hiatus from social media, which causes dangerous effects on the mind and an addiction to your phone and likes. His point of view and ability to be down to earth and connect with others sparks the thinking needed to challenge the status quo.

Product details

Publisher ‏ : 9th Wave Entertainment (April 22, 2022)

Publication date ‏ : April 22, 2022

Language ‏ : English

Print length ‏ : 139 pages

Interpersonal Relations, Success Self-Help, Stress Management Self-Help, Motivational Management and Leadership, Business Mentoring and Coaching, Business Communication Skills, Mate Seeking


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