Dreamville Festival Sold Out?

Posted by Damian Simmons on

Dreamville Festival Sold Out?

Dreamville Festival

Raleigh, NC - We are a few days from the Dreamville Festival that will be held at Dorothea Dix Park Park Saturday and Sunday April 1st and  2nd 2023. Not only has a record number of tickets been sold in advanced for the first time, leaving many people to join a waitlist to get tickets but none remain as of today. Just yesterday you could possibly have gotten a tier 2 ticket (General Admission+) that started at $549.99 which was the only tier left.

Raleigh NC

There are however other ways to possibly get a ticket by finding people who are no longer going for many reasons and wish to sell their tickets like on Instagram or Facebook but just be careful of scams in doing so. 

Not only have all tickets been sold out but the surrounding areas hotels, air bnb rentals, and car rentals are all experiencing high volume of bookings and sales as it is already hard to find places to stay and vehicles for festival goers if you have not already made arrangements.




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